Important Announcement:

UB 20 O8 Active Oxygen Solution;

We expect technical assistance and relevance from the relevant institutions of our State, in order to determine the effects of the information and findings we have obtained in all epidemic diseases, especially "Corona Covid 19", in scientific, clinical and laboratory studies. It is obtain

Scope Of Application

Disinfectant Group

Hand and face spraying

Disinfection Of Drinking Water

Cleaning Of Items In Living Areas

Room and home humidifiers

Central Ventilation Systems

Disinfection of streets

Aerial spraying

Health Group

In Patients With Respiratory Difficulties

In the removal of viruses and bacteria that infect the upper respiratory tract

In the Oxygen Therapy The Body Needs

Room and home humidifiers

In The Killing Of Pathogens In The Body

Removal of pathogens in the stomach and intestines

Methods Of Application